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Friday, September 25, 2009

New Favorite TV Show

Well, it's Friday and some of the TV shows we watch have come back for their new seasons. "NCIS" on Tuesday was good, with two small nit-picks. One was the "Kaf-Pow" drink(not sure of the spelling.) If the terrorist wanted caffeine why not drink coffee. I mean come on! Then, when the team comes home they arrive clean but disheveled. So they had time to clean up but not comb hair etc. And they get applause. Not sure that would happen.

"CSI: NYC" was okay, but a bit too pat as a plot.

Thursday saw one new show, and two of three old ones with season premiers. Watched "Fringe". An "X-Files" episode upgraded, with a part of a plot they had used themselves once before, the scorpion genes. The alt universe was a subplot.
"The Mentalist" was more of the same. Nothing real fresh. "CSI" had a fake-out opening that telegraphed what was to come later and again had too pat an answer. Good action sequence though. Ans Sarah was back. We'll get to the new show in a minute.

Tonight "Ghost Whisperer" really took the cake. I thought Jim's death and "step in" last season was weird. Tonight Melinda had her baby and then everybody flashed foreword 5 years.FIVE YEARS. Jim is a doctor. Adin is a 5 yr old who can see ghosts. Holly crap!
"Medium" just jumped ahead a few months. Allison is out of her coma, with no powers. Then she has , and by the end no paralysis. OK. They seem to all be heading into soap opera mode.

Now for my new favorite. "FlashForward". Imagination and action. A little bit of TV cliche, but not as much. And why a kangaroo?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day Of Summer

Top Photo by Betsy, second two by me.

Warmer today, a bit gray and a little rain.

Johnny caught and ate a chipmunk already. And just brought in a second one.

Thorissa was in briefly as was Rockby and Lindy. Tippy is still staying out.

Saturday we went to the Ravenna OH Balloon A-Fair and took lots of pics. Here are a few and later I will post them on Flickr-once I get all of last year's photos up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid September Musings

We've missed so many events this year d/t being broke or ill or the car not working, but we have been out and about a bit. We usually get to Bug Fest , now Bug City, for Metro Parks . This is the first one Betsy has missed in years, but we were in Pittsburgh.I missed Parade the Circle as I was sick. We overlooked the 3rd annual pie fight, and instead went to a free movie on the West Side. So it is with some trepidation I say that I am planning for us to go out to Ravenna for the Ravenna Balloon A-Fair We missed last years, arriving about 30 min too late.

No sign of Thorissa this morning. She did show up yesterday looking ok. Tippy has been out and hiding for acople of days. i saw her last Monday morning. Only the three younger cats are staying nearby. I't cool out right now, only 60 F. Beautiful day though.

Since I posted this Thorissa showed up and ate something.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, so yesterday was 09-09-09. I was was more taken with the fact that it was 4 years ago yesterday I set out for Lyon. And four years today taht I arrived, took a quick tour of the city, met up with some of the group and went to bed awaiting the installation. Spencer's been busy all over, mostly in Europe, in the last four years. The few US installations have been pretty small. Ah, well.

Betsy and I saw three movies at the cheap seats this week. We saw "Julie and Julia" and "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" on Monday, and last night we saw "My Sister's Keeper". I just read where it varied widely from the book-exteremely so. I think I'm glad I didn't read the book though.

Earlier today found a V-Mail from my grandmother to my dad, written on Labor Day 1945. Wonderful thing to find it today, so close to this last Labor Day.

Oh, and a week ago,after I got out of the hospital Betsy and I went up to see "HarryPotter and The Half-Blood Prince". We needed a movie badly because we found out Annabelle is not doing so well. So now we have two cars that need repair.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Cleaned Up Old Links

I don't know if anyone is out there reading this, but on the very odd chance I have several links to my interests. I just checked on a few and found they no longer work so I cleaned them out. I added Marisa Polin, the artist from yesterday's post. She borrowed some of my Flickr photos to illustrate her blog. And that's why she made me a contact. So I'm linking her here. Maybe later this week I'll add a few more links I use a lot or enjoy.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Roller Coaster

These are most recent photos of me:

With my up and down moods that's sometimes how i feel. Today has been mixed so far. Got to see most of CBS Sunday Morning This was their 30th anniversary show. Wow! It's always been a favorite but one that I often don't watch for various reasons. Glad I caught it today.

All of the fuzzy five were at the door this AM when I called(Johnny had been in for about an hour). Thorissa just whined, didn't come in. She looks painfully thin. Tippy stayed on the ground and looked up. She's lost weight but needed to. Lindy was waiting on the porch rail, came in , back out and swatted poor Rockby for no reason. Rockby let me pet her a couple of times then she took off. All are out right now.

Found out this morning that we missed the 3rd annual pie fight up on Coventry. Damn! We had gone over to the west side(far west) to see a free movie. Somehow I missed seeing any announcement for it even though I do remember seeing a mention of a Coventry Street Fair. It was on a Thursday too, which may have been why I missed it.

That is one of the downer things about the last two years. It's always "Missed that maybe next year"

Thursday I was set to go over to the VA for the second week home post op check on my toe, but the van was a no show. So I called and got everything rearranged for Tuesday. Then yesterday go a letter from the VA saying I don't rate van transport. One again the left and right hands are not working together here. We'll see how it goe's Tuesday. My fook seems to bee healing just fine anyway. I do my dressing, give my antibiotic and the nurse visits once a week to change my PICC line dressing. Shades of 2005. At least then I had memories of Lyon.

A Dutch artist Marisa Polin added me as a contact on Flickr. Not sure why. Maybe she is a friend of Kris. I don't know.

Friday, September 04, 2009


So here I am, minus a toe, with Betsy and all five cats, and our house for a while longer. My mood still swings up and down but staying up more. Thorissa came home after being gone a month. She left just a couple of days before we went to Pittsburgh and returned just Wednesday, the 2nd.
We made it to Pittsburgh and to the spring and only were a little lost.
Spencer is doing another installation in France, for Greenpeace again. It will be in October as was ours in Milford and guess what photo they are using on the site as background? One of our Milford poses, taken on a hillside! Betsy and I are easy to find, me in a figleaf added by Greenpeace - though their placement of them seems a bit random.
Well this whole thing is taking longer than I'd hoped and I still have to do my daily IV of Invanz. I'll try to post more as I go along and add photos to Flickr as well.