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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rant part 2

At any rate I was eventually seen by my set of docs, not the same set as his, and sent home to be managed for about 4 weeks or so. It's more complex but I'm tired of fussing with the cats. penfold wiped out an hour's worth of typing and explanation. Suffice it to say I was tol I was being kept to treat me when i was being admitted rather than treated at home, thn th next day was "told" I was being dischrged to be treated at home withou ever really bein told by the doctors I was being discharged. I was told by the pharmacy tech. So once again it was one hand, the "plumbers", not knowing what the other hand, the "electricians" were doing. cardiology is now two specialties, those who deal with arteries, veins and valves, and those who deal with the pcemaking circuits of the heart. The plumbers and the electricians. The plumbers wanted to send me home, the electricin to keep me. Plumbers won. I lose in that I will be more tired and short of breath for the next month or so.
I didn't spell check as I just don't give a rat's butt right now, so be alert for wods that don't seem right. Also the cts may have contributed and I didn't check for their additions.


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