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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, so yesterday was 09-09-09. I was was more taken with the fact that it was 4 years ago yesterday I set out for Lyon. And four years today taht I arrived, took a quick tour of the city, met up with some of the group and went to bed awaiting the installation. Spencer's been busy all over, mostly in Europe, in the last four years. The few US installations have been pretty small. Ah, well.

Betsy and I saw three movies at the cheap seats this week. We saw "Julie and Julia" and "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" on Monday, and last night we saw "My Sister's Keeper". I just read where it varied widely from the book-exteremely so. I think I'm glad I didn't read the book though.

Earlier today found a V-Mail from my grandmother to my dad, written on Labor Day 1945. Wonderful thing to find it today, so close to this last Labor Day.

Oh, and a week ago,after I got out of the hospital Betsy and I went up to see "HarryPotter and The Half-Blood Prince". We needed a movie badly because we found out Annabelle is not doing so well. So now we have two cars that need repair.


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