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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Imitation Spencer in Advertising

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

To all a Merry Christmas, a belated Solstice, a belated Happy Hanukkah and any other holiday you may celebrate at this time of darkness and rebirth of the light.A Happy New Year to one and all, with health and prosperity.Roger

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!, originally uploaded by rcoss2001.

Diffy in the Christmas tree, the night we brought it in.

Santa Takes The Bus

This little note first and then I'll catch up on my blogging.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Johnny's Adventure

John was rescued from under the back porch last night when I got home. He was frightened but unscathed.
Thank-you again St. Francis

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quick Prayer

Hello St. Francis,
Help keep Johnny safe and help him return home
Thank You,

Holy Crap! Frank Barone Died

Good-bye Peter Boyle.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello Jae, a Recollection

Hi Jae
Listening to "Around Noon" on WCPN today, and they were doing a 10th anniversary flashback, playing bits of old programs including a replay of part of the audio recording of the Spencer Tunick shoot. The part they played included a sound bite by you.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cat Capers

Two weeks ago was Thanksgiving and on that morning, though the weather was nice, we forced Thorissa in. We were going to be gone 3 days and we wanted her to have food.
For my troubles I got a 3-inch scratch on my upper right arm. We returned on Sunday and she was in till Wednesday a week ago then she insisted on going back out, though the weather was growing nasty.
A week ago, in the very early morning hours Betsy heard a scratching scuffling noise, and when she got up to go to the bathroom she saw Johnny, sitting on the clothes hamper, with something in his mouth. She was tired, wondered what toy he had, as it was large, and went to pet him. He growled and she realized he had a prey of some sort. She followed him downstairs then, and in the dark was unsure if it was a mouse or a rat. He displayed it for Miss Lindy.
Sure enough in the morning I found a large rat on the kitchen floor. Honors to Mighty Hunter Johnny!
Then we had a cold spell and snow and Difflewuz went out to see snow for the first time. He was okay with it, eventually going under the porch. Thorissa ignored it.
Then came a much older spell with much heavier snow and on Monday night Thorissa climbed up to the roof outside the bathroom and cried to come in- only to have to be dragged in since she wasn’t sure she wanted in.
We had a fair amount of snow and yesterday morning Difflewuz ran out the front door as we were leaving for work. We had to spend about 15-20 mins catching him. Not as happy with the deeper snow, but not wanting to go in he ran under the back porch, at one point bumping his head on a pipe that somehow had gotten lower since he was a kitten, and used to run under it all the time.
But we caught him and tossed him back in the house and today everyone is in and warm and dry.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Long Time No Blog- Still No Bond

OK Let's start with a spoiler. We saw the new "Bond" movie last night. God I wish i had gone on to see "Happy Feet". What makes it worse is we paid full price!
Here is my rant on IMDB : "OK MAJOR SPOILER alert here. Do not read any further if you don't want to know why this movie stinks. Just accept that it does and go see "Deja Vu". Do you remember "New Coke"? OK, don't say I didn't warn you. First off this movie is ersatz Bond. There is an opening sequence in black-and-white. Why? To establish age? Flashback? I dunno. But worse is the premise of the sequence. Bond must make two "kills" before he gets his double "0" designation. Now since the "00" is the "License to Kill" what were the first two? Murder? Unsanctioned hits? Fun? Then the opening title/credits with an absolutely tiresome theme and no "Bond women" in the animation. OK, this is the "new Bond" Then we get a Bond who breaks in to M's apartment? What the hell is that about? James Bond would not do that. No god agent who wants to keep his job would. OK, we go on to a Bond who does not seem to like women, just uses them. In the other Bond movies we get a sense of Bond using women, yes, but because he likes them and they like him. There are three women in this movie and he toys with one(no sex however) and she ends up dead. She's married a minor villain and Bond later tells the next woman he prefers married women. The third woman, while a plot point, has no lines and might as well not exist. This was not the Bond we knew. He was willing and able to romance all sorts of women. The second woman he Falls in LOVE with and spends time romancing after the mission is supposedly over. Bond has been married before and since then Bond loves em and leaves em. Oh, that's right this is the "new" Bond. So why the old "M"?

I have read the James Bond novels(yes, they were books first) and while this Bond is more realistic- he is no Superman, nor does he have more than a couple of gadgets, he still seems just a bit of a stilted thug. OK, there were no wisecracks to speak of, the one while he is being tortured falling absolutely flat to my ears. In fact most of the dialogue stunk. Bond don't care if his martini is shaken or stirred? Yeah, right. My wife pointed out there was no sense of fun in the movie. She likes Bond movies, but she felt this Bond was not suave, did not look right in a suit and "just felt wrong'. Finally the manipulative ending. Bond goes for sadistic revenge of the death of his girl. He finally says the line "I'm Bond, James Bond" and that's the last line. No, I've seen James Bond, I know James Bond and you're no James Bond. Oh, and one more thing. Why the hell did you save the "James Bond Theme" for the closing credits? "

As to "Deja Vu", not a great movie but a good action movie with a plot I found of interest. Once agai we deal with time travel, and alternate reality. Hmm, maybe I should look at the above Bond movie as an alternate reality?

We before last we spent Thanksgiving with Betsy's family after a drive down. That Saturday her dad and a friend of his, both WWII vets joined me in a trip to the US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, OH. I used to love this museum as a kid when it was in a single hanger in Fairborn, and I could walk there on a Saturday morning and spend hours looking about, then home agin. It had a small, somewht intimate , even personal feel. It opened with a history of flight, and the was a wall sized rendition of "High Flight". Now the place is huge, and as my father-in-law repeated a few times, would take days to see. And it's emphasis is strictly on the military now.
It was full of people from all nations, including many Japanese tourists, which led to a bit of irony in that they were frequently posing for photos in front of the mock-up of "Fat Man" and the plane that dropped it on Nagasaki.

Work has been busy and I am too stressed out most nights to think. Betsy is tired too.
But no one died or went missing during November and other that the house being officially declared foreclosed, which was expected, nothing bad happened.