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Friday, March 31, 2006

New Spencer Tunick Appreciation Site

We are head over heels for our new Spencer Tunick site at www.spencertunick.org

Come join us!

Goodbye Hal

Hal, the coyote caught near Central Park died in an attempt to tag him. We humans can't leave well enough alone sometimes. But, as his is now in a much better place, why am I so upset by this?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Spencer Tunick Appreciation Site

Message by Craig, founder of the MSN Group.
Last week, Microsoft announced that it would be ceasing support to all groups will an 'adult' rating. Whilst this is not in any sense an adult group, we adopted such a rating when we opened it since Microsoft deleted, without warning, our first Tunick group on the grounds that it violated its terms and conditions by containing images of nudity.

The situation is this. Either we migrate the entire group to World Groups, a new platform, who are 'an industry leader in adult communities' (ie: pornography) or we will not be able to access the group again. Neither is an attractive prospect.

We have until 31 March to make a decision.

The work of Tunick is clearly not remotely pornographic, so hosting the group on World Groups would send entirely the wrong signals and will attract those people we want to avoid. Moreover, if we did use World Groups, everyone will have to sign up again as a member, in the course of which you would have to supply your credit card details to an organisation whose main business is providing pornography.

With forthcoming installations in San Sebastian and Dusseldorf, now is not the time for this group to close. Therefore, the managers here have decide to relaunch the group using our own webspace and bulletin board. This will enable us to continue to communicate about ST events around the world without any interference from Microsoft. We have bought both a new domain name and webspace and are currently testing a new bulletin board created with open source software. We plan to launch the new site this week, once we have ironed out a few technical problems.

The new site will be members only. Once we are ready to go live, we will send an invitation to all the members of this groups who will then be asked to join. (And we don't want to know anything about your credit cards.) In the meantime, I hope that you all agree with our course of action and that you will bear with us through whatever slight teething problems we might encounter.

Our new group address www.spencertunick.org

And for your information, below is the message from Microsoft in full.
Good news! We are pleased to provide you the opportunity to join a new and improved adult groups experience powered by WorldGroups, an industry leader in adult communities.Now get even more! You'll have access to the great features you love, PLUS unlimited FREE storage for your Group, streaming video content, better control over privacy, new ways to make money, and much, much more! Taking advantage of these benefits is easy. Click on one of the links below to get started.
Adult - a community containing sexually explicit material and dialogue*
Mature - for mature adults who want to have fun without the kids*
* When you click this link, MSN will pass your membership status, nickname, and group name to WorldGroups so you can preview what your group looks like. No other information (such as your e-mail, password, etc.) is transferred.
Transfer your Adult Group and sign up for advanced features, and you can get special benefits and bonuses.
Your Action is Required
MSN will soon be discontinuing support for MSN Adult Groups. If you choose not to transfer your group to WorldGroups and take advantage of the rich new features, your group will not be accessible on or after March 31, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Pajama Game Posted by Picasa

The Weekend Part 3 Sunday

Betsy worked Sunday morning. We met up with Jay and Helen, and Troy and went to see "The Pajama Game" at the First Baptist Church on Fairmount. Very good for an amature production and surprising for Baptists. The "Steam Heat" dance number was pretty good

Todd was playing violin in the orchestra and joined up with us after the play ended. We then went to Dewey's Pizza


and had a really good pizza, which they hand toss. We celebrated Betsy's birthday and Christmas, sort of.

The Weekend Part 2 Saturday

Alice failed her e-check!!! She produces too much NO2. So we have to take her in for repairs. And we couldn't get 30 day tags as we don't have the title.

Dinner plans for Saturday were changed to Sunday.

Betsy had to work.

A quiet evening at home.

Alice Failed Her E-Check! Posted by Picasa

The Weekend Part 1

Friday night we had originally planned to see the movie at Betsy's church, "The Kingdom of Heaven" and take part in the discussion after. But we got the notice from Troy about Art Mart at Spaces Gallery and then I realized the opening was on Friday, so we went there. We met up with Troy and Jay and Helen. I was not in uniform for the art crowd, i.e. black leather and black shirt.

Saw a few pieces I liked, almost none that I could afford-and none I liked I could afford!

I do like one of Troy's and if it does not sell I may buy it.In this photo(sorry, it is a poor camera phone image) it is the black and white painting bottom left. There is a cursor pointing to the painting Troy sold that night.

Troy At Art Mart. Arrow points to painting sold. I like the black and white one to the lower left. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 24, 2006

Nine Reasons I Feel Crappy Today

9. The snack machine kept my 20 cents change from my dollar.

8. There was a dead animal in the road as I drove in today. That is always a downer.

7. We have to get up tomorrow and get our e-check done and then get new plates. Previous stress made me forget and only Betsy can do it as the registration is in her name.

6. Betsy is working the weekend.

5. It’s payday but I am broke even before I got here, as the house payment came out automatically today.

4. We were supposed to go to Betsy’s church tonight for their movie night, to see the “Kingdom of Heaven” but Troy has the opening of his art exhibit at Spaces tonight. This is a mixed feeling one.

3. My favorite co-worker’s last day is today.

2. The MSN Spencer Tunick group is being forced by MSN to migrate to a site that hosts porn groups. We got a one-week notice yesterday.

1.Betsy is worried she may lose her job, because of something that happened yesterday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


First let me say when I was young, I loved Julie London. First her voice-then when I was a little older- pure lust! This link will show you the record album my dad had that did it for me http://rcoss2001.blogspot.com/2006/03/julie-julie-london.htmlSo since "V" has Julie London singing one of my all time favorite songs, "Cry Me A River" how could I not like it?From that same time in my life came a love of masked heros- Batman, The Lone Ranger,and grandfather of them all,Zorro.(Not Superman per se, as he was an unmasked hero - his "Clark Kent" was his mask)Later I learned more about heros and antiheros, and Shakespear, and identity, and Don Quixote, The Phantom of the Opera, Cyrano, The Three Musketeers, Capitan Nemo, and all the pantheon. I loved comic books, plays, history. Science Fiction - "Repent Harlequin! Said the Tick-Tock Man", "1984" and many more dystopias and empires and rebels than I could count. Nazi Germany, Stalin. So along comes "V For Vendetta" Based on a graphic novel(comic books for the now generation) that i had not read. A blend of all those old ideas.But as fresh and well put together as a new Swiss Army knife just off the assembly line. Set in the not too distant future in a country where a relgious fanatic has taken over his government based on a campaign of fearing anyone not straight, Christian, and white,and terror of terrorist attacks( hummm, why do I feel deja vu here)There are things that explode, secrets, the "1812 Overture", masks, noir, cooking(ok, not so much but some) humor(including a nod to Benny Hill- a show I loved even before Monty Python), Natalie Portman, London, a juke box, art ......I could go on and on and on. What's not to like? Well there is one thing, and not a small thing. But I can't say what, as it's a spoiler and I would be damned to a dystopia not of my choosing for saying. But in a couple of weeks I may post it and see what you all have to say.So I give "V" an A-, Betsy maybe gives it a B.But it's been since saturday and we are still talking about it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Julie Julie London Posted by Picasa

V For Vendetta Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006


Pure exuberance! Posted by Picasa



The current exhibit in Iceland, at the Akuryri Art Museum, where at least one photo, Buffalo #6 has Betsy and I in it. Also the catalog with a very good essay.


Spencer in a hot tub. Nuff said.


Short AP video of the Venezuela shoot


Still another video, pre shoot.


And another video.


Spencer's next installation, in San Sabastián, Spain 22 April.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Eternal Joy Unleashed Posted by Picasa

Spencer Tunick was in Caracas today. 1,500 to 2,000 people showed up. This lady was having fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Whats Been Happening

What's Been Happening First Posted on March 13th
Let's go back a bit over a week in time and I'll fill you in. Thursday the 2nd, one of my co-workers became ill with what seemed like little more than a bad toothache. I filled in for her and then again on Friday. It turned out she had a major infection in the area of some old root canal work. Meanwhile Betsy had taken Friday as her day off so she could be home for the plumber. Quite some time ago I had replace the flushing mechanism, but could not get the intake pipe to stop leaking. Betsy also wanted to change the wax rings(she had wanted me to attempt that but I knew it was out of my league) and to have a new faucet put on the bathroom sink. Well the estimate was over $700 so the faucet did not get done, but the plumber did find as he lifted the bowl that it was not anchored to anything much. Long ago the concrete anchor platform had fallen away.. He had to go out and get quick set cement to build a new base. This was accomplished and for a mere $518. So while expensive it was best done by a pro. But my Friday was spent between giving injections and getting or making calls home.Still I was felling pretty good as I had plans to go to movies over the weekend and watch the Oscar presentation on Sunday. We did get out to see two movies on Saturday, "Walk The Line" and "Chicken Little", both at the second run theater nearby, or as we like to call them the "cheap seats". Still big screen but we paid only $4 total to see the movies. Sunday we did not go out, but did watch the Oscars which dragged on quite a bit and the host wasn't that impressive. Betsy and I are not big on award shows anyway but we do love movies.Monday the 6th was my birthday, and I had thought way back in January about taking it off, but didn't. Wish I had now. During the week before my boss announced our monthly meeting was going to be on the 6th. As one of our nurses, who happens to be very good, had already turned in her resignation, things were a bit tense especially as to who might take over her role as manager of the schizophrenia program. Also the nurse who had been out ill still was. So again I was covering for her.That evening we went out to dinner at a very nice diner nearby and I had a terrific eggplant lasagna and Betsy had liver and onions, something few restaurants carry anymore.(Also I had a birthday coupon) We then went to see "Mrs. Henderson Presents" which I had seen, but Betsy hadn't. All in all not a bad evening, and a good end to a troubled day.But the rest of the week I was covering for the nurse who was out, orienting a new nurse part of the time( a male, who like me has been in psych a while and is a couple of years older than me). On Wednesday a second nurse called off and I was covering her folks as well.Every night I would come home to tired to do much of anything. We would just crash on the couch, watch TV and go to bed.While I had a headache most everyday of the week I attributed it to increased stress and thought little of it. I did notice my nose was running and I had a cough but thought my usual spring allergies.Friday came and I had to take my car in to have the brakes worked on. I had one of my co-workers drive me over during a brief lull in activity and then she agreed to take me back later that day to pick up the car. Friday was as busy as all the previous days, only a little less frantic and I was again looking forward to the weekend as it was going to be our 17th anniversary. I did notice my cough was worse.My friend did drive me over to pick up my car at the very last minute before they closed at 1800, and all was well. I then went to pick up Betsy at her job and then I had one more business errand to run, taking some medication out to a patient who had no way to get it and would be out the next day. After that Betsy and I were hungry and so decided to stop at a restaurant for dinner, to get an early start on our anniversary celebrations. We picked an Italian place we hadn't been to before and it was bit more posh than we thought, as we found when neither of our menus came with prices. Still I had the salmon special and Betsy had stuffed shells and all was well.We got home about 2100 and settled in with plans to go out Saturday after Betsy's exercise class. I fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep again, and Betsy went to bed. When I went up to bed about 2330 I suddenly became very chilled, and had severe chills till about 0200.I must have had a huge fever, because later when I took it was 100F, and that was after Tylenol. By Sunday it was clear my cellulitis was back with a bit of a URI thrown in, as I am still coughing and have a sore throat. I've been sick all weekend, and called off today just to give things a chance to settle a bit, though my fever is gone and I feel better, my leg is still red and swollen.And so that is pretty much why I haven't been active online.I did finish the book I've been reading, "Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in animals or autism.http://www.grandin.com/inc/animals.in.translation.htmlRecuperating Roger

Spencer Tunick in Venezuela This Sunday


Spencer is in Venezuela - Sunday AM is the installation.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Solution for the nursing shortage?

German prostitutes to retrain as nurses for elderlyBy Kate Connolly in Berlin(Filed: 14/03/2006)
Prostitutes in Germany are being given the chance to retrain as geriatric nurses with the help of the Church and EU funding.
The scheme will help plug a chronic shortfall in nurses as well as offering an alternative to prostitutes who find themselves in an overcrowded and increasingly dangerous trade.
About 30 prostitutes between the ages of 20 and 40 are to take up a two-year training course for auxiliary nurses in the western state of North Rhine Westphalia.
The trainees include Angelika, who is in her late 30s and worked in Bochum as "Angie" for six years. She has cut her hair short, dyed it brown and said she has found the transition from selling sex to caring for old people very smooth.
"I'm feeling good," she said. Rita Kühn, of the protestant church's welfare programme in North Rhine Westphalia, which is spearheading the project, says of the former prostitutes: "They are in general very good at dealing with people, in addition to which they don't get squeamish and have absolutely no fear about touching or being touched."
Well, why not? The two professions aren't all that far apart anyway.

Monday, March 13, 2006

This is me at a festival in 2004. The hat is one Betsy bought for me shortly after we were married, 17 years ago. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006

Four Blogs

My first blog was/is on Live Journal, and is "Alchemy for Dummies". My second blog was on Blogger, but was never created. My third was/is on Yahoo 360, and now thanks to my sister, I'm on My Space. I also have pictures on Flickr, and of course I am a member of a few groups, the most important being the MSN Group, "The Spencer Tunick Experience" http://groups.msn.com/TheSpencerTunickExperience/_homepage.msnw?&pps=k

As I have had a very long day, what with an INR at 8AM(2.7 which is good), covering several clients at work for an ill co-worker, being called by collector for some $1,500 in back taxes, talking to Betsy at home about plumbing repairs totalling $500 or so, running to the bank, to the drugstore with Betsy for her meds, and then to get our taxes done(a very small refund this year) falling asleep watching TV, spending an hour spreading the word, and facing my birthday in a really lousy mood, I think I will turn in.