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Friday, September 04, 2009


So here I am, minus a toe, with Betsy and all five cats, and our house for a while longer. My mood still swings up and down but staying up more. Thorissa came home after being gone a month. She left just a couple of days before we went to Pittsburgh and returned just Wednesday, the 2nd.
We made it to Pittsburgh and to the spring and only were a little lost.
Spencer is doing another installation in France, for Greenpeace again. It will be in October as was ours in Milford and guess what photo they are using on the site as background? One of our Milford poses, taken on a hillside! Betsy and I are easy to find, me in a figleaf added by Greenpeace - though their placement of them seems a bit random.
Well this whole thing is taking longer than I'd hoped and I still have to do my daily IV of Invanz. I'll try to post more as I go along and add photos to Flickr as well.


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