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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your Horoscope In Retrospect

Betsy has often said we should not take the morning paper horoscope for the day but instead write our own as the day ends. I rather like that and it's much more accurate ;-)

So yesterday's horoscope should have read "The world revolves around you in the morning, but familiar surroundings will keep you grounded. You will meet an old friend. Tonight:See a movie"
So with all apologies to Alfred H. "Vertigo" is for "The Birds".

Lets back up to Saturday. Betsy was still at camp, and I was looking forward to seeing Parade the Circle. But a bout of intestinal problems in the AM, and a very severe headache/nausea and gas lead me to come home after only seeing the very beginning of the Parade. Once home I too some acetaminophen lay down, then had chills, and later a fever of 101.2 F. It was most likely higher during the chills. I slept most of the rest of the time between 3PM and 9AM the next day, waking long enough to listen to A Prairie Home Companion Sunday I was better, Betsy came home in the afternoon and we had a nice dinner at Boston Market. ( I had a coupon. Betsy also has said should I meet up with St. Peter he will ask "What are you doing here?" and my reply will be " I have a coupon!" And he will say "Well okay then, come on in.")
Then came yesterday. We had an 11 AM appointment with a lawyer about the house, and Betsy had what she thought was a doctor's appointment. And she already had the day off, so this would work out fine. But I awoke from a strange dream wherein Betsy was driving us on a foreign road, that was much like a roller coaster. There was a sort of road sign which read "Klim hoeven" which I later found out is Dutch for climbing need which had a pictograph of ascending steps. odd that I can speak Dutch in my dreams.
I awoke to severe vertigo, with the feeling the bed and the room was spinning around me as the long axis. Yikes! I thought I might have still been dreaming. I lay still and it went away. Then i turned on my left side. Big mistake! it started again, only worse. I was shaken to say the least. I then also noticed I was having a mild case of cellulitis in my right leg again, down at the ankle as usual. I had several more mall attacks of vertigo while getting ready to get in the car, and Bets drove me to the ED at the VA Hospital, where I was examined for a while; found to have cellulitis, given an IV antibiotic and some oral to followup, and was told they could find no serious cause of the vertigo. I had figured it was due to the inner ear being somehow irritated. Betsy meanwhile left for her appointment, only to find it was not for a doctor's visit. It was instead a program to get her enrolled in Medicaid(which we already knew she does not qualify for)and food stamps, which we seem to qualify for. So that was bit of a disappointment. Later we did end up going to see a movie at the cheap seats. More on that later.

Today's horoscope should have read " You will make a splash in the world today. Tonight dinner and TV at home."
The splash was when on two seperate occasions today I dropped drinks, one large nearly 2/3 full lemonade and one a glass of iced tea. Yuck!
Later I'll talk about some movies, including "Sunshine Cleaning" and an old movie "Nightfall"