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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Told you there were leprechauns!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Right and Left Brained

A co-worker sent this Right or Left Brain link and at first I saw her turning clockwise. Right brained, yes. Then I saw her change and go conterclockwise. Then I saw her pivot back and forth unable to turn. Drat-both sides of my brain are always doing that to me.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bloggty blog blog

It's been a while since I've blogged as I have been in a really crappy mood for a while and trying to keep busy on weekends to forget and feel better. Thought I really had it down pretty well since the last few weekends have been full(see my Flickr photos) and this week was especially good. I celebrated a holiday I'd never heard of till tonight, Mad Hatter Day and did a pretty good job of it too. Betsy and I drove to Morgantown, WV to take in the 23rd Mountaineer Balloon Festival. Over 20 hot air balloons. Really neat! Our largest balloon event so far(okay-only our second event.) The trip went fairly well, taking closer to 5 hours than the promised 3 according to Yahoo, but there was a lot of stopping and construction, so 202 miles was done in an average of 40 mph! Yikes. It was impressive and yet still small. Betsy and I did take a tethered balloon ride which was fun and only $5.00 each(as was admission) and I had no problems with the height issue. The ride home was long as well about six hours, though we added 62 miles or so, coming in at a total of 466. We did see an interesting display of mining artifacts and a memorial, and had a nice ride home, though Betsy got a bit of nausea and slept a few hours at the end.

Today was thoroughly crappy at work and I refuse to go into detail, except to say that among other things I saw two patients of a nurse who called off, answered calls for two doctors who called off, one for today, one for tomorrow. I saw some of my own folks, did samples and got a new patient. This was in my "new" office, at a temperature of near 90.

I used my discount gas card on the way home to get gas and a car wash. The new antenna broke off, even though I had put it down. Then I get home and Betsy tells me the housing inspector had been by sometime recently-she was told by a neighbor.

So I am in a really shitty mood. So this is the best I can do for a blog entry.