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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid September Musings

We've missed so many events this year d/t being broke or ill or the car not working, but we have been out and about a bit. We usually get to Bug Fest , now Bug City, for Metro Parks . This is the first one Betsy has missed in years, but we were in Pittsburgh.I missed Parade the Circle as I was sick. We overlooked the 3rd annual pie fight, and instead went to a free movie on the West Side. So it is with some trepidation I say that I am planning for us to go out to Ravenna for the Ravenna Balloon A-Fair We missed last years, arriving about 30 min too late.

No sign of Thorissa this morning. She did show up yesterday looking ok. Tippy has been out and hiding for acople of days. i saw her last Monday morning. Only the three younger cats are staying nearby. I't cool out right now, only 60 F. Beautiful day though.

Since I posted this Thorissa showed up and ate something.


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