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Friday, September 25, 2009

New Favorite TV Show

Well, it's Friday and some of the TV shows we watch have come back for their new seasons. "NCIS" on Tuesday was good, with two small nit-picks. One was the "Kaf-Pow" drink(not sure of the spelling.) If the terrorist wanted caffeine why not drink coffee. I mean come on! Then, when the team comes home they arrive clean but disheveled. So they had time to clean up but not comb hair etc. And they get applause. Not sure that would happen.

"CSI: NYC" was okay, but a bit too pat as a plot.

Thursday saw one new show, and two of three old ones with season premiers. Watched "Fringe". An "X-Files" episode upgraded, with a part of a plot they had used themselves once before, the scorpion genes. The alt universe was a subplot.
"The Mentalist" was more of the same. Nothing real fresh. "CSI" had a fake-out opening that telegraphed what was to come later and again had too pat an answer. Good action sequence though. Ans Sarah was back. We'll get to the new show in a minute.

Tonight "Ghost Whisperer" really took the cake. I thought Jim's death and "step in" last season was weird. Tonight Melinda had her baby and then everybody flashed foreword 5 years.FIVE YEARS. Jim is a doctor. Adin is a 5 yr old who can see ghosts. Holly crap!
"Medium" just jumped ahead a few months. Allison is out of her coma, with no powers. Then she has , and by the end no paralysis. OK. They seem to all be heading into soap opera mode.

Now for my new favorite. "FlashForward". Imagination and action. A little bit of TV cliche, but not as much. And why a kangaroo?


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