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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Roller Coaster

These are most recent photos of me:

With my up and down moods that's sometimes how i feel. Today has been mixed so far. Got to see most of CBS Sunday Morning This was their 30th anniversary show. Wow! It's always been a favorite but one that I often don't watch for various reasons. Glad I caught it today.

All of the fuzzy five were at the door this AM when I called(Johnny had been in for about an hour). Thorissa just whined, didn't come in. She looks painfully thin. Tippy stayed on the ground and looked up. She's lost weight but needed to. Lindy was waiting on the porch rail, came in , back out and swatted poor Rockby for no reason. Rockby let me pet her a couple of times then she took off. All are out right now.

Found out this morning that we missed the 3rd annual pie fight up on Coventry. Damn! We had gone over to the west side(far west) to see a free movie. Somehow I missed seeing any announcement for it even though I do remember seeing a mention of a Coventry Street Fair. It was on a Thursday too, which may have been why I missed it.

That is one of the downer things about the last two years. It's always "Missed that maybe next year"

Thursday I was set to go over to the VA for the second week home post op check on my toe, but the van was a no show. So I called and got everything rearranged for Tuesday. Then yesterday go a letter from the VA saying I don't rate van transport. One again the left and right hands are not working together here. We'll see how it goe's Tuesday. My fook seems to bee healing just fine anyway. I do my dressing, give my antibiotic and the nurse visits once a week to change my PICC line dressing. Shades of 2005. At least then I had memories of Lyon.

A Dutch artist Marisa Polin added me as a contact on Flickr. Not sure why. Maybe she is a friend of Kris. I don't know.


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