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Friday, March 24, 2006

Nine Reasons I Feel Crappy Today

9. The snack machine kept my 20 cents change from my dollar.

8. There was a dead animal in the road as I drove in today. That is always a downer.

7. We have to get up tomorrow and get our e-check done and then get new plates. Previous stress made me forget and only Betsy can do it as the registration is in her name.

6. Betsy is working the weekend.

5. It’s payday but I am broke even before I got here, as the house payment came out automatically today.

4. We were supposed to go to Betsy’s church tonight for their movie night, to see the “Kingdom of Heaven” but Troy has the opening of his art exhibit at Spaces tonight. This is a mixed feeling one.

3. My favorite co-worker’s last day is today.

2. The MSN Spencer Tunick group is being forced by MSN to migrate to a site that hosts porn groups. We got a one-week notice yesterday.

1.Betsy is worried she may lose her job, because of something that happened yesterday.


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