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Friday, March 17, 2006

Whats Been Happening

What's Been Happening First Posted on March 13th
Let's go back a bit over a week in time and I'll fill you in. Thursday the 2nd, one of my co-workers became ill with what seemed like little more than a bad toothache. I filled in for her and then again on Friday. It turned out she had a major infection in the area of some old root canal work. Meanwhile Betsy had taken Friday as her day off so she could be home for the plumber. Quite some time ago I had replace the flushing mechanism, but could not get the intake pipe to stop leaking. Betsy also wanted to change the wax rings(she had wanted me to attempt that but I knew it was out of my league) and to have a new faucet put on the bathroom sink. Well the estimate was over $700 so the faucet did not get done, but the plumber did find as he lifted the bowl that it was not anchored to anything much. Long ago the concrete anchor platform had fallen away.. He had to go out and get quick set cement to build a new base. This was accomplished and for a mere $518. So while expensive it was best done by a pro. But my Friday was spent between giving injections and getting or making calls home.Still I was felling pretty good as I had plans to go to movies over the weekend and watch the Oscar presentation on Sunday. We did get out to see two movies on Saturday, "Walk The Line" and "Chicken Little", both at the second run theater nearby, or as we like to call them the "cheap seats". Still big screen but we paid only $4 total to see the movies. Sunday we did not go out, but did watch the Oscars which dragged on quite a bit and the host wasn't that impressive. Betsy and I are not big on award shows anyway but we do love movies.Monday the 6th was my birthday, and I had thought way back in January about taking it off, but didn't. Wish I had now. During the week before my boss announced our monthly meeting was going to be on the 6th. As one of our nurses, who happens to be very good, had already turned in her resignation, things were a bit tense especially as to who might take over her role as manager of the schizophrenia program. Also the nurse who had been out ill still was. So again I was covering for her.That evening we went out to dinner at a very nice diner nearby and I had a terrific eggplant lasagna and Betsy had liver and onions, something few restaurants carry anymore.(Also I had a birthday coupon) We then went to see "Mrs. Henderson Presents" which I had seen, but Betsy hadn't. All in all not a bad evening, and a good end to a troubled day.But the rest of the week I was covering for the nurse who was out, orienting a new nurse part of the time( a male, who like me has been in psych a while and is a couple of years older than me). On Wednesday a second nurse called off and I was covering her folks as well.Every night I would come home to tired to do much of anything. We would just crash on the couch, watch TV and go to bed.While I had a headache most everyday of the week I attributed it to increased stress and thought little of it. I did notice my nose was running and I had a cough but thought my usual spring allergies.Friday came and I had to take my car in to have the brakes worked on. I had one of my co-workers drive me over during a brief lull in activity and then she agreed to take me back later that day to pick up the car. Friday was as busy as all the previous days, only a little less frantic and I was again looking forward to the weekend as it was going to be our 17th anniversary. I did notice my cough was worse.My friend did drive me over to pick up my car at the very last minute before they closed at 1800, and all was well. I then went to pick up Betsy at her job and then I had one more business errand to run, taking some medication out to a patient who had no way to get it and would be out the next day. After that Betsy and I were hungry and so decided to stop at a restaurant for dinner, to get an early start on our anniversary celebrations. We picked an Italian place we hadn't been to before and it was bit more posh than we thought, as we found when neither of our menus came with prices. Still I had the salmon special and Betsy had stuffed shells and all was well.We got home about 2100 and settled in with plans to go out Saturday after Betsy's exercise class. I fell asleep, woke up, fell asleep again, and Betsy went to bed. When I went up to bed about 2330 I suddenly became very chilled, and had severe chills till about 0200.I must have had a huge fever, because later when I took it was 100F, and that was after Tylenol. By Sunday it was clear my cellulitis was back with a bit of a URI thrown in, as I am still coughing and have a sore throat. I've been sick all weekend, and called off today just to give things a chance to settle a bit, though my fever is gone and I feel better, my leg is still red and swollen.And so that is pretty much why I haven't been active online.I did finish the book I've been reading, "Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin, and recommend it to anyone with an interest in animals or autism.http://www.grandin.com/inc/animals.in.translation.htmlRecuperating Roger


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