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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


First let me say when I was young, I loved Julie London. First her voice-then when I was a little older- pure lust! This link will show you the record album my dad had that did it for me http://rcoss2001.blogspot.com/2006/03/julie-julie-london.htmlSo since "V" has Julie London singing one of my all time favorite songs, "Cry Me A River" how could I not like it?From that same time in my life came a love of masked heros- Batman, The Lone Ranger,and grandfather of them all,Zorro.(Not Superman per se, as he was an unmasked hero - his "Clark Kent" was his mask)Later I learned more about heros and antiheros, and Shakespear, and identity, and Don Quixote, The Phantom of the Opera, Cyrano, The Three Musketeers, Capitan Nemo, and all the pantheon. I loved comic books, plays, history. Science Fiction - "Repent Harlequin! Said the Tick-Tock Man", "1984" and many more dystopias and empires and rebels than I could count. Nazi Germany, Stalin. So along comes "V For Vendetta" Based on a graphic novel(comic books for the now generation) that i had not read. A blend of all those old ideas.But as fresh and well put together as a new Swiss Army knife just off the assembly line. Set in the not too distant future in a country where a relgious fanatic has taken over his government based on a campaign of fearing anyone not straight, Christian, and white,and terror of terrorist attacks( hummm, why do I feel deja vu here)There are things that explode, secrets, the "1812 Overture", masks, noir, cooking(ok, not so much but some) humor(including a nod to Benny Hill- a show I loved even before Monty Python), Natalie Portman, London, a juke box, art ......I could go on and on and on. What's not to like? Well there is one thing, and not a small thing. But I can't say what, as it's a spoiler and I would be damned to a dystopia not of my choosing for saying. But in a couple of weeks I may post it and see what you all have to say.So I give "V" an A-, Betsy maybe gives it a B.But it's been since saturday and we are still talking about it.


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