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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cat Capers

Two weeks ago was Thanksgiving and on that morning, though the weather was nice, we forced Thorissa in. We were going to be gone 3 days and we wanted her to have food.
For my troubles I got a 3-inch scratch on my upper right arm. We returned on Sunday and she was in till Wednesday a week ago then she insisted on going back out, though the weather was growing nasty.
A week ago, in the very early morning hours Betsy heard a scratching scuffling noise, and when she got up to go to the bathroom she saw Johnny, sitting on the clothes hamper, with something in his mouth. She was tired, wondered what toy he had, as it was large, and went to pet him. He growled and she realized he had a prey of some sort. She followed him downstairs then, and in the dark was unsure if it was a mouse or a rat. He displayed it for Miss Lindy.
Sure enough in the morning I found a large rat on the kitchen floor. Honors to Mighty Hunter Johnny!
Then we had a cold spell and snow and Difflewuz went out to see snow for the first time. He was okay with it, eventually going under the porch. Thorissa ignored it.
Then came a much older spell with much heavier snow and on Monday night Thorissa climbed up to the roof outside the bathroom and cried to come in- only to have to be dragged in since she wasn’t sure she wanted in.
We had a fair amount of snow and yesterday morning Difflewuz ran out the front door as we were leaving for work. We had to spend about 15-20 mins catching him. Not as happy with the deeper snow, but not wanting to go in he ran under the back porch, at one point bumping his head on a pipe that somehow had gotten lower since he was a kitten, and used to run under it all the time.
But we caught him and tossed him back in the house and today everyone is in and warm and dry.


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