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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Response To Someone Who Does Not Want to Pose In Sydney Because The Sponsors Of The Group Are Gay And Lesbian

One of our Tunick forum members who has been a member for a few years posted what I consider a rather odd post today. He does not want to participate in the installation due to it being sponsored by the gay and lesbian community. This is my reply to him with his online name redacted:
Having participated in many events for Spencer with gays and straights and people of all races, color and creeds I can only say that that is what Spencer is all about- showing that we are all human and all vulnerable. That is his art. Ages ago Spencer denied any political motivation or message in his art and I agree that he is not preaching right or left agendas. But he has been a staunch advocate for gay rights for as long as I've known of him. One only needs to look at his work for POZ magazine. I have heard folks say he doesn't have any African-Americans in his photos, when I know for a fact that they do participate. Since he asks for volunteers, he gets only those who choose to come. Not as many African-Americans do. ( In the photo of us on the balcony in Buffalo Central Terminal, Betsy thought she'd be able to find herself as there was a deep chocolate skinned man right by her with his head on her leg. You can't see him in the photo,so we can't find us.) People in the past have compared Spencer's works to the death camp photos from WWII. Spencer is Jewish- his work is the antithesis to those photos. He does not want to dehumanize people- he wants to show how human indeed we are. My point is: to Spencer we are all one race. He sees skin color only as pigment to be used. To not participate in Spencer's work because of not wanting to be associated with gays and lesbians is only depriving yourself.
** if you truly do find Spencer's art moves you or speaks to you allow yourself to take part in this once in a lifetime(okay, more than once if you are lucky), chance to be a part of a large art work. If you're still anti-gay rights after, then so be it.
To all of our new members who are participating I truly wish you well and also that I could be with you. I'm sure you will have a unique and surreal experience. Green with envy here in the US.


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