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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Changes Good and Bad Life goes On Part 2

And now for the changes I don't care much for. Tomorrow would have been the sheriff's sale of our house, but for us filing bankruptcy. We worked with Roger Stearns, a local lawyer who will represent us. $1,200 and court costs spread over a couple of payments. We will meet him later today to pay a final hundred we owe. This saves the house, and we will not have to move. But it was too close for comfort. Both Betsy and I had bouts of insomnia due to this. And we still owe on all utilities. Our phone bill needs paid, or it will be shut off, as will be the electric and the gas. The car is mostly going on wishful thinking. We have major house repairs needed. And my job is a woeful mess. I am so behind on productivity. Michael quit. Rob has talked about it as have one or two others.
This week our offices moved, with mine being one of the last to go Friday.
We open for business tomorrow in the new location, with a change of name coming up soon.
One of my clients was murdered on a Monday last month, after I had seen her on that Friday. She was only 28 and looking forward to spring and summer coming.
My health has been ok, my INR at 2.00 is at the low end of good. Betsy is doing ok, with a thyroid adjustment, and some dental work needing to be done.
Spencer has two upcoming installations and it is unlikely we will be able to attend either of them.
But to put things in perspective, our lawyer told us on Thursday when we met that his son, aged 30, had died this summer of an asthma attack, with his inhaler in his hand.


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