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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Convoluted Backtracking Updates With Catsup

So here it is damn near the end of January. How did the time go by so fast? Betsyt and I have been keeping busy but since mid-December i have been in a lousy mood mostly. More on that later.
Let's start with good news today. This morning on Jerry Quinn's Irish Program I won two tickets to see "The Elders" when they come to the East Side Irish American Club next month on the 10th.
Last night Betsy and I went down to Kent where we saw the 4th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film and Video Festival. This was presented at the Kent Stage

We saw 17 short flims/animations and after a ten minute break we saw 45 min of the work of Cindy Penter, a local film maker and film making instructor.

Another 10 min break and two fantastic silent shorts "Water Portrait" and "Myopic" both by Mike Hovancsek, accompanied by live music- Joe Cully on the tabla, Samuel Salsbury on the violin, and Mike Timmer on the didgeridoo.
Well I have mor to say on all of this and last mmonth as well, but I have been at the computer since 1100 and it is now 1445. So I'm away, back laterer.


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