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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Changes Good and Bad and Life Goes On Part 1

As you can see by looking over my blog for the last few months I have not been regularly blogging. I have been to tired and depressed over all the major and minor changes in my life. Only now am I coming out of it a bit though there is still a ton of pressure on us right now. Lets start with a few good things. I had 219 hits on my Geocities site last month-I'm sure for people looking for Spencer stuff.
Some of this will be backwards so bare with me. Pun intended.
Betsy and I went yesterday to see "The Peaceful Warrior" on free tickets offered in conjunction with Best Buy. Good, if somewhat predicitable. Should eventually make it to the spiritual movie night at Betsy's church. Last Sunday we saw "Premonition" at Marquee Club prices($5 each). Waste of $10. Do not see this movie if you value your peace of mind/sanity. Yuck!
It was made worse because the day befor we had seen our second screening at the 31st Cleveland Film Festival which ended last week. Betsy and I won four vouchers for the film festival way back on the 25 th of February when we attended a fantastic concert by Richard Thompson(opened by Eliza Gilkyson). We entered a drawing for the tickets and won. We got them in the mail in the first or second week of March. As they were vouchers that meant we had to exchnge them for tickets . We went downtown on the 10th to do so and we ran into Reece Walters, a young man that Betsy was a nanny to about 20 years ago. He was working for the festival. They had a nice, if brief, visit. We exchnged two of our vouchers for tickets to the "International Commercials" screening, on the 17th. We also stayed and saw the movie "Black Snake Moan"
As Sunday the 11th was our 18th anniversary we went out to see two movies "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "The Curse of The Golden Flower" both very well done and totally different.
We went downtown to see the "International Commercials" on St. Patrick's Day. They were terrific. Lots of imagination.We then went to view the parade. We were near the reviewing stand and stayed for an hour, but it was cold , if bright and clear, and it is hard for either of us to stand for very long now.
The next day was the 50th Buzzard Sunday at Hinckley Reservation of the Metroparks. We went over, saw many buzzards, had anniversary cake(twice!) a hamburger and Coke, took the tour of the park, which included an historic house and a mummified cat named "Bones". On our way home we had a buzzard fly so low over us in Hinckley, Betsy could see his red head. On the way home we took a long drive through Metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Wonderful day for it.
On one day this month(I know which, I just won't put it her) Rob and I saw "300". WOW!!!!
Back to last weekend the 24 th, when we took the boys in to be neutered by Dr. Stearns, our vet who has been taking care of our cats since 1986. We had breakfast at a nice resturant in Euclid, then went on downtown to see our second screening, a collection of 8 shorts, including a wonderful one called "West Bank Story". They were all really good. We then came back to the vets and picked up two sore little boys who are now neutered. I hate the term "fixed" btw. If they were working right we unfixed them. The whole neutering thing bothers me, and on more than just a male level. If the purpose of nature is to reproduce and Johnny and Difflewuz are excellent cat specimens, why not let them reproduce. Well, they would have been fighting with each other and other males, roaming far to stake out territory, and in fact one would have driven the other off. So they could not be left intact.
At some point we saw "Stomp The Yard" a good movie, similar to "Drumline". We also saw "The King of Hearts" one of my favorite movies at Betsy's church as a part of their spiritual cinema viewing. Oh yes, and on the 6th I turned 57, and Bety had a birthday later last month as well. And so did miss Thorissa who turned 9.


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