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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summary of My Week

It has been another unusual week. Monday was Memorial Day, and early on I won tickets on WRUW for two to a movie on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the Cinematech. Last Tuesday, coming back after Memorial Day weekend was the start. I was to cover for three nurses; Sandy, my boss, Yvonne, and Linda. I woke up feeling a bit odd, and when I got to work I took my pulse which was 120. YIKES!! I called my cardiologist, who said come in for an emergency EKG. So before my boss left I called her and told her, and went to the doc's office. He confirmed what I thought- I was back in atrial flutter. Damn! and my INR when they did it was only 1.8- so it was wait till the 13th and we'll see what happens. Most likely I'll need another cardioversion-if it does not convert back on its own.I was back to work by 2pm and Sandy left about 3:30 pm. Wednesday and Thursday were typically busy and crazy, Friday was worse-and at one point Iwas covering for four nurses, as Michelle was on vacation too, and I had one of her's I had to deal with. I got everything done-but the paperwork! That may never get finished.

Friday I ended my work day waiting for Betsy who was over an hour late to pick me up because she forgot to check her watch. And thenI ran some meds out to a patient. betsy and I went outo dinner after that.

Saturday Betsy packed for a visit to her Mom's. She left today, Sunday. More on that later.
Later on Saturday Betsy and I saw a beautiful rainbow as we went down to the Cinematech http://www.cia.edu/academicResources/cinematheque/cinematheque.php for the movie "Gille's Wife" http://www.cinemaguild.com/gilleswife/ Good, but very sad movie.Take tissues.

Today Betsy left for her one week visit with her family, for her sister's birthday and Red Hat party. This has become an annual thing, as it has been three years now I think. She called a few minutes ago, saying she had arrived safely. She takes the bus to Dayton, and her sister picks her up there. Today the Greyhound went by way of Toledo!

The most interesting thing about today for me personally however may have talen place during the night. I think I cardioverted back! My pulse felt lower and both Betsy and I got it in the 70's and so far 80 seems to be the highest it has been. I hope we are right and that it holds.

Now for a couple of other good news things. I finally stopped at the Two Dollar Rare Book Store. At 69th and Euclid, I have seen it there for years, but was always going someplace in a hurry. But today the sun was coming out after morning showers, and Betsy had just been dropped off, so i stopped and went in. I must have stopped with a bemused look on my face because the owner came up from my right , having been outside, and said as I stood in the door"He's wondering 'What the hell kind of place is this?' "
But I was entranced by a smell that took me back 40 years or so. There was a store in my home town called "The Past Time Book Store". It was shadowy and dark, dusty and, musty, and had old paperbacks, some hardbacks, and loads of comics all laid out on old tables. And you could trade new comics in good condition for old ones. I loved that place :-) When I entered the smell of the musty old books was a time machine, taking the Daft Old Wizard back to his much younger days.
The owner pointed to the left and said "The books over there are a dollar each," and indicating the right "those are two dollars each." I peerd up and down narrow ailes of tall mismatched shelves into not so shadowiy places, but old. I was reminded once again of my love for the printed page, the written word-BOOKS. Thousands of old books. Damn, almost mademy heart beat faster than it should , again ;-0. The I thought,"What if..." and i looked up and down, finding the "N" section of the somewhat alphabetical fiction. YES!!! Two identical books, "The Barley Field" by Robert Nathan. Wow! Five of his novels, at least four I had not read. http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y01Y0877056Y5407927/002-6320704-2600041 I have read "The Bishop's Wife"long ago, the one made into tthe movie, and remade later as "The Preacher's Wife" Note on Amazon the book sells for nearly $14 dollars, and I have 2 for $2.00. I also bought "Novels and Stories" by De Maupassant, "The Unicorn" by V. Moore, about W. B. Yeats, and "Roundup" stories by Ring Lardner. Also goofed and bought a history that may or not be as interesting as I thought. Still I spent only $6.00 and I'm in heaven.

I then topped off a near perfect afternoon with a trip to the cheap seats to see "V For Vendetta" again. Still think it is a terrific movie. Any movie that has the protagonist say"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having." and has Julie London singing "Cry Me A River" ,well I've said all that before.


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Hello Roger, thanks for the comment at my blog. It's interesting to know someone who did that...how was it?

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