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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Opus Dei - Another Viewpoint

From my blog friend Estefania "Sofiesverden" http://sofiesverden.livejournal.com/

Once upon a time.. actually almost six years ago, I graduated from a all-girls school (Colegio Los Campitos - where religious formation was entrusted to the Opus Dei. So ideas like"santification of the daily work" -Opus Dei`s principle- and I cared about those teachings andmet great people, some of whom I´m still in touch with.Was I just trying to "fit" with the group I was in? Or was I seeking a closer relationship with God? Right after starting classes, sign I took part in a "circle", or prayer group at an Opus Dei youth house (where young female numeraries live), under the direction of a numerary. I quit itafter some months, not because of a sudden rebellious bout, but theflow of new ideas brought by the beginning of college life andwillingness of believing by my own choice, not by the teaching of others.Almost two years ago, that I finally took up that path again, now through one of my university´s (a Jesuit one) youth groups.To write it shortly, through the Ignatian spirituality opportunities we have received, I have been able to think and ask greater questions about God, life, society, religion and other subjects, more joyful and fonderof prayer on the way. So the second question posted in the firstparagraph has become: Do I want to seek a deeper relationship with God?Yes, and gladly so.Now, in DVC times, I have felt the necessity of telling many around me thatthe Opus Dei I met is [not] anything like the book portrayed. In doingso, I am thinking again what part did my Los Campitos past play in the person I am now? Of course, I do have lots of questions to be asked: For example, why didn´t we talk more about the Church´s take on social justice, having an afternoon school attended by girls born in lower income families in the very same building we studied in?. Such questions should be answered, since a greater degree of fairness is desired while talking about the Opus Dei (or any other groups inside the Catholic Church), so prejudices can be, at least, confronted rightly.At any rate, I realise I have been blessed for having been able to live and watch the diversity of the Church´s works and how, at the same time, they seem to collide. How similar is to affirm "Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" and "Seeking sanctity in everyday´s life" .. He seems to be the final answer to it all.Glossary: Numeraries: Members of Opus Dei who live in comunity and take a vow of celibacy. They work or study just like all of us.


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