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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Long Week-With Bellydancers and Movies

Where should I start? it has been a long week, starting out badly and getting some better in a few ways. First I was wrong about the atrial flutter being gone. Still have it. Drat!Lindy went out on Monday and was gone 3 days, coming back Thursday. Tuesday I went to see "Inside Man" Very good movie. Found a certified letter slip in mail box. Wednesday picked up letter-bad finanical news, which I may get to later. I didn't go see the movie "Call of Cthulhu" http://www.cthulhulives.org/cocmovie/index.html

John had given me a DVD copy for my birthday but I had planned to see it at the Strosacker. I may be able to see it next Wednesday, but I was too down, due to financial, health, and missing cat woes.
Thursday I had already bought an advance ticket to see "Prairie Home Companion" combining two of my favorites- Robert Altman directing a movie about Garrison Keilor's radio program. http://www.aprairiehomecompanionmovie.com/


Lindy came home just before I left, so I was happy. They had a nice snack buffet as part of the special preview price($15) and while there I ran into someone from work.She had a nurse friend with her who knew two of our nurses. We sat together for the movie, and since I wore my Spencer shirt, we talked briefly about him. I ran into a woman in the lobby who had a friend pose btw.
Both of my friends liked the movie, and I won a tote bag, due to sitting in a chair that had a "Tote Bag" sticker on it's bottom.
The movie was very good, with only a couple of what I would call minor flaws. I felt cheated in that the songs were not shown whole but cut away from, and then back. And Kevin Kline kept trying to turn Guy Noir into Inspector Clouseau. Drat. Virginia Madsen as the Dangerous Woman was fantastic, as were Lilly Tomlin and Meryl Streep. What a fun movie.
Friday was ok, my INR was 4.5! Yeay!
Saturday I read, went to bank, photographed geese, went to the Parade the Circle, was visited by belly dancers http://www.geocities.com/troupehareemshareem/, saw Jay, took an hour to walk back to the parking garage d/t flutter-would have been only 15 min or so normally. Went out ot the Raccoon County Music Festival, got there about 1645, much later than I would have liked but it was fun. Had some nice comments on my festival hat, from a couple there, and from a guy who'd seen me at Hessler. Saw Mike Lenz
http://www.mikelenz.com/ and then stopped off at the American Society of Metals Headquaters to take some photos of one of my favorite places in the world, the Metals Dome.
Whew! So I did next to nothing today. I will have to go out late to pick up Betsy.


Blogger Big Orange said...

Jeez, what a week! Man, the Call of Chuthulu? I'd LOVE to see something like that... wonner if they got it on Netflix...?? ;)

Well, thankgoodness, THIS week is almost over, too!

5:24 PM  

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