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Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy Cultural Weekend ;-)

Betsy and I had a busy cultural weekend and now I'm in a silly mood 'cause I'm tired. So first here's something silly. http://www.michaelhodges.com/missing.html

Ok, the serious stuff next. Betsy and I went to see Todd in a concert for orchestra and organ on Saturday night. As Todd is first violin he played the violin solo in the "Adagio in G minor" by Thomaso Albinoni. I'll put up a photo of that. We got to see Todd and Troy, and Betsy's former husband and former mother-in-law. Other music played were: "Epic March" John Ireland for brass ensamble, "Toccata" by Theodore Dubois and the "Symphony no.3 in C minor, Op. 78 " "Organ" by Saint-Saëns

Then on Sunday we went to a outdoor event the very left-wing Bread and Puppet Circus from Vermont. http://www.theaterofmemory.com/art/bread/bread.html

Very funny except when it was very serious. An excellent bit was bringing out several huge cardboard chairs, empty and then someone held up a board with the death count in Iraq. Very solemn.

But so as not to end this entry on a sad reality, we will end on absurd one. On Thursday some of the Tunick forum group met up with ST in London. To a select few he gave out his business card-and who's photo is on that card? Betsy and I centered in a triptych of his singles! This I will not post, untill ST sends me the one he said he would, which he said I could post except to not show his address, etc. But if you want to see it email me and make sure you specifiy as is or censored and if I'm in the mood I'll send you a copy of the scan I was sent.


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