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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Quiet Mayday

Betsy and I went for a drive late Saturday as I was down, and she wanted to be "Ooouut" as Odin said once upon a time.Then she had to work on Sunday.
Today Betsy and I both had busy days. Her's started off not so good when she left Spiderman at home. She was doing that as a theme this week, as Spiderman 3 was filming here the last two weeks. I went back and got him and that put me at work about 1 hour later than usual-just in time toi meet my boss coming in on the elevator. My day was busy with two unscheduled clients and a couple of samples in the afternoon that Mike asked me to field for him. I had one of my own in the AM.
I had a headache most of the day, as did Betsy, so when we were coming home she said she would like to skip exercise, maybe do something else. So we went to see a movie, "Nanny McPhee". We ruled out "16 Blocks" as not headache suitable.
Emma Thompson was terrific as were the rest of the cast, and Angela Lansbury is still going strong. Now home with Betsy sleeping and me on the computer.
No further tree damage.


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