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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eitetsu Hayashi, Japan's premier solo taiko drummer
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Blogger Maria Nymalm said...

crazy, i might have seen the wrapped coast before.

yeah i'm seing both the nakd states and th enaked world documentaries on mondes, they hve them in university. never thought of checking that before cause they don't have any books but they do have the films.
that's just one of the things that make him kind of an outsider, no books to be found in unviersity, and it's not really the kind of art hey would be talking about either. I dont know, sometimes i don't understand the criteria of "what's art" in my university. they keep it all very broad and up to u to decide what to do but i just have a feeling that they'd wish for me to write about someone like damien hirst-who to me is so overrated..

I've sent spencer tunick a message on my space. think he answers "fan mail"? i gave him th address to my blog and told im what i was doing. I'm going to read your blog caefully tomorrow, been at the laptop all day and i'm so tired. tried to watc some of the films you had links to but didn't work though..

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