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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Morning

So here we are on Saturday with nothing much going on. It does seem to be a day for contact with old friends. One called briefly last night, and I got an e-mail from another today.

Today I found out about a new "Star Trek " movie

Work has been a pain in the butt. Wednesday AM I was covering for 5 nurses sort of, 6 if you count my boss. By afternoon it was just four again.

Lindy went out on Wednesday and hasn't come back yet. It rained a lot both Wednesday and Thursday.

The Three Stooges Film Fest and Pie Fight Betsy found was called due to weather(We had the makings for five pies ;-( ), so we went to see "Ratatouille" Lots of fun, on many levels, and I thought the animation was fantastic.

Yesterday on impulse again we went to see "Shrek the Third" at the cheap seats. Not as good as the original but fun and follows the story well enough.

Today while noodling on the computer I looked up an old song( a round actually ) that I remembered M. Loveless singing on "The Wild,Wild West" back in the '60s. Every so often it pops into my head. I remembered the words wrong but here they are from the net. Oddly enough there is no "Shemora" listed as a place on the net.

"Young rider, apple-cheeked one, come whither riding?. On her steed so proud and prancing, come whither riding?, no matter where I ride, Slavic mountains at my side, to Shemora, to Shemora."

A group called Libana has a reording of this.

So a quiet, interesting morning so far.

Oh, last Sunday I was off in my timing on the dance fest so we missed 30 min or so of the jazz dance, but we did see the Indian dance and Swing dance, and Betsy got to participate in some dance lessons of both. Me without my camera.

And Tuesday I finished the book.


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