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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Lindy came in this morning, after being gone since 7/16.

Monday I saw my doctor and was admonished for not taking my meds for a couple of months. True enough and the lab results show big, bad changes.

I saw the movie "Fracture" WOW! Think of the best "Law and Order" you ever saw and multiply it by 15 or so. Very well acted and ploted. Ok I saw the "how" early on, but the interplay between the two characters was fantastic.

Tuesday Betsy had an abbreviated Toastmasters meeting, then we went to see a preview of the movie "Rescue Dawn" Another WOW! Based on the true story of P.O.W. Dieter Dengler
This is one intense movie!

When we got home we had a mama and two young raccoons in the kitchen.

Wednesday another preview, a comedy this time but one with wit and depth. "Charlie Bartlett"
This movie is funny, but makes you think a bit along the way.

Spencer is going to be doing a Swiss installation on a glacier for Greenpeace and it has knocked their server offline!


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