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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Somedays Should Be Stopped Before They Get Started

Today has barely begun but I'm already stressed and headachey(?). Let's start with yesterday. It was a zoo here, with everyone being stresed in various ways. Two docs called in sick, many small crises to solve for all of us, and I ended up agreeing to do an intake assessment today(UGH!). I didn't get out till 1630, half an hour after I'd hoped to leave. Then I spent little time with the kittens last night-and we are out of kitty milk and I used the last two cans of cat food this AM. I'm not even sure Lindy got the food I put out this AM and if she did then Thorissa didn't. Up early this AM I spent a lttle time withthtem as they put on a great display of kitty fighting and boxing. But I couldn't help be reminded it was aweek ago Noir disappeared. Then I opened an official legal letter that came yesterday. It is about the house and I am not sure what it means but it doesn't look good and we have not yet been able to come up with the $1000 for our lawyer. Major anxiety stomach ache. Then I went out and stated Alice(yay!) and waited and waited for Betsy. She was late coming out and we left about 0630 about the time we usally get to here. We got her at 0645 and Betsy pulled away at 0650. I'm sure she was late for work.Then as I'm sitting waiting and reading my least favorite co worker joins me. A few minutes ago my boss called and left a voice mail that she will be gone most of the day. All this by only 0800.


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