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Thursday, August 31, 2006

News of the Mews - Kindle Chatter

A week has gone by and the kittens are growing. Little Noir comes to greet me and is fully a part of us. She came in to the house to sleep with me one night during the week(I can't remember which, as they all run together.) I went to set her down outside near her "back door" to the porch and she turned and ran in the house. She hasn't been in since but I want her to keep her siblings company as it is cooler. Last night she and thing 2 let me pet them and cuddled up to me. Thing 1 got close but was pissed at me for trying to pick him up earlier-he actually gave me the cat cold shoulder, sitting with his little back to me :-@ Thing 1 suspects it's all a plot to eat him at sometime.If I didn't need to have my CPAP machine and if I wasn't still stiff as hell with a fair amount of pain from the fall I might have slept out with them on the cushion. But about 2230 I had to go in. Poor Noir, I know she wanted me to stay. The fall? Oh, yeah. When we were looking for Spot's body last week, on the 23rd I fell and landed hard on my left side, striking the corner of a hard plastic bucket(it had been a kitty litter container) and left my self with a banged left knee, bruised ribs on my left side, slightly wrenched back, and bruised thumb. Being on warfarin is rough on bruising.Anyway the plan is to move them in this weekend. And yes I will have to trick/trap them to accomplish this. But it must be done. They need to be tamed to go to the non-kill shelters and I won't send them to a shelter that kills cats.Betsy is working up a storm but with unpredictable hours.


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