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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

News Of The Kindle

Well let's see. First I should explain a kindle is a group of kittens, i.e. a litter. I rather like it as kitty litter is something else again.
As a few folks who know me are aware, gentle reader, I am a cat lover. We have three cats, Thorissa, Tippy and Lindy, all spayed females and all jealous of each other. Thorissa and Tippy are roughly a month apart age wise, and are just over 8 years old. Lindy is now four. As the local cat people ( we had at one time 5 cats) we attract strays. Back in July a stray pregnant female we called Jenny, began eating at our place. Later she was gone a couple of days, and then came back having given birth. In the first week of August she moved her small family of four kittens to our garage. She nursed and cared for them aanother week or so, occasionaly coming into our house and acting as if she was looking for something. Then on Tuesday the 15 th she was gone. The kittens by then were eating some solid food and we fed them, hoping Jenny would return. Sometime during the night of the 16th something terrible happened and one of the kittens, whom we had named Spot, was killed. (We found his small body yesterday in the garage.) We found the three remaining kittens, Noir( a black with white bib female) and Thing-1 and Thing-2, twin females who look like their mother, under our porch. At that time we had no idea where Spot was . Gradually Noir has come to accept me and Betsy and the twins accept our being there but are not so tame yet. Can't post pictures d/t being off line at home.


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