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Friday, July 28, 2006

Changing and Unchanging and Synchronicity

A small synchronicity and a large one, then moving on. A couple of nights ago I caught part of a STNG episode and it featured Data. A day or so later I was thinking about the ability to change things so they hadn't happened and remembered the episode where Data was ordered to never tell anyone about such an event. Last night I turned on the TV and cought the last few minutes of that episode.

More meaningful large synchronicity. Of late Betsy and I have been going through some tough times with more to follow. At times like this I miss my dad and yet I rely on my knowledge of him and what he got through, especially in the war. Yesterday one of my clients brought a VHS tape and a book in about WWII North Africa campaign. Now this is a client I see only every two weeks and while I did tell him(quite a while ago) my dad had fought in North Africa, I have not told him about any of our problems, needless to say. So why now did I get these reminders of a much more serious dangerous time in my dad's life? To remind me it could be worse of course.

So as to changing and unchanging. I rode the bus in today as Betsy has the car. She left foe camp last night, and had a day of rain to pack through and a night of rain and storms. Some flooding in Ashtabula too, though not as bad as Lake county. Riding the bus again after two years was not bad(ok, yes I did ride once not too long ago to get home after a car repair). An easy wait for both buses and the rain held off, though I brought an umbrella.

Two years ago today I had posed for Spencer's Cleveland installation, but had not picked up the Cleveland print yet and had not met him. That has changed. Maybe more on that later.
I weigh a good 20 pound less than 2 years ago but my health is worse , not better.
Ok, well that's it for reflection this AM


Blogger arcadia said...

hi roger.

thanks for popping by, and for your enlightening comment. have you posed for spencer tunich more than once?

11:47 AM  

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