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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ok, it's been two weeks since last I wrote. I have been in a bad mood for most of that time, with only slight improvements.
Friday the 7th we went to a lawyer. He was trying out his standup comedy routine. Bad He said we could not afford the house unless Betsy got a job. Mixed He told Betsy she needed to get a job. Mixed again. Didn't explain much or answer much.
Later the same day we went to the downtown Cleveland concert/fireworks even. Good fireworks.
Saturday 8th we saw "Pirates of the Carribean 2" (very good) and "Cars" (good).
Worked the week. Janet left on the 14th. New nurses started that week
Saturday 15th we went to the 2nd Cleveland Ingenuity Festival- stayed a bit over 8 hours. Good
Took part in a human swarm, watched interpretive dance, and improv comedy.
Sunday we installed the new faucet. Mostly, so mostly good.
Monday we found the "misplaced camera". Good. Finished the faucet. Good.
Monday four of the mud daubers from last year hatched. Great
Tuesday, Betsy applied for a strong possibility jobwise. Very good.


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