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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grumpy !!!

Well, let's see. My day yesterday was a mess. No one had ordered Jonnie's meds last week, and no one seemed to know who was seeing who. The only saving grace was I was able to save a moth and move it to outdoors. I found out I had an appointment with my endocrinologist at 0930 today. My evening yesterday ended with the "new" innards of the $500 toilet breaking like the cheap-ass plastic they were and so now the toilet does not flush again, unless you mechanically plug the hole leading to the bowl, then uncover it after the water builds up so it will flush.This morning started with me trying to go online only to find our cable co has screwed up the internet connections again. I then called my boss to let her know I was going to be late. As I get in the car I find Alice has blown a fuse again. I went to the doctor's a bit early hoping to get in and out quickly. They told me the appointment had been canceled since the 10th of May!(and yes they had record the May 23 rd appointment was cancelled.) So I now have one for August. Right.So I go into work. The usual confusion, again. Today I had a CM bring in a guy who was due for his IM Haldol, but has none as he does not have his Medicaid right now. We had to scrounge up some. Then I had a family call and tell me they we were bringing in a guy who was also due, and his patient assistance med was not here Just dandy. His application had expired. The drug company folk are to fax me one. So then I try to call family back. Line disconnected. So they come in. Meanwhile all day R has been hovering about offering to help but mainly just being irritating and literally at one point standing in front of me telling me not to run down the hall. Now Iam in no shape to run, but I was moving about as quick as I can for me today as I have the client her, his 84 year old mom waiting, and no med. I also got a call that my next appointment was her for her IM too. Needless to say when I had repeatedly answered that there was nothing R could do to help I was really ticked when she asked one more time. I turned and said "You want to help? Magically pull some Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg(actually needed 50 mg) out of your butt! That would help." This quieted her down for a fraction of a second. Damn, I was hoping to make her go away totally.Then I get a call that I have a cardiology appointment tomorrow at 1430. Now that was an artifact, generated when they were setting up the cardioversion 3 weeks ago, and at first it looked as if tomorrow was going to be the day it took place. When I called to correct this I was given some nonsense about setting it up to have an EKG etc post conversion, but since it had been set up way back 3 weeks ago I knew better. The change to the 21st was done after this date. So I canceled and rescheduled for the 5th. The saving grace today: A 3 year old or so loudly proclaimed to all in the lobby that I was Santa Claus. If I hadn't been so busy I would have said "Ho!Ho! Ho!' but I just was able to wave. Oh well, made his day any way.Today is damn near over. I guess tomorrow awaits.


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