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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You Want Catsup on That?

Well, I do need to update don't I ? Not much in the mood I must say. I woke this morning at 0200 to nature's own fireworks, which continued off and on till about 0800. It has stopped raining I think. Mind you I love storms, and the weather suits my mood to a T, but it may mess with other's plans. Still, it looks to be clearing for now. Yep, Weatherbug confirms it.
Lindy and Tippy were in but Lindy bugged me to go out and so she is. Thorissa has been her usual wild elusive summer self.
So let's go back to Monday the 26th of June. Still a relatively happy day here. It was the second anniversary of the Cleveland shoot, and to tell the truth , while I had thought of it a couple days before, I forgot until the next day. Too busy with another crazy work day.
Stats from Weather Underground for that Monday Updated: 4:53 AM EDT on June 26, 2006Observed at Cleveland Burke, Ohio Temperature 69 °F / 21 °C Humidity 84% Dew Point 64 °F / 18 °C Wind East at 4 mph / 6 km/h Pressure 29.94 in / 1014 hPa (Rising) Conditions Scattered Clouds
In short warmer than 2004 and not as hot as 2005. Oh well.
Betsy and I saw "The Lake House", I think on the 22nd. Okay movie, 3 paw prints, "B" in Yahoo system. . If you want that kind of movie rent "Somewhere in Time" or better still find a copy of "Portrait of Jennie"Or "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow.
I have been devouring books, reading "Parnassus on Wheels" and The Haunted Bookshop" by Christopher Morley: "They Went on Together" and "The Road of Ages" by Robert Nathan. I learned "snell" and "tippet" thanks to Mr. Morley.
Betsy had the plumber out Wednesday , who fixed the toilet innards.
By Thursday we began to get strong hints something was seriously amiss. Letters were pouring in from lawyers offering to help with our foreclosure.
Friday I had my INR, which was up again 4.8. Then Betsy went over to get her Rx, and later that evening we went to see "Superman Returns" We wanted to donate blood at the bloodmobile, but found I can't because of the Coumadin, and Betsy's hematocrit was too low.
Superman was okay, but very derivative from the 1980's movies and Lex Luthor was as hokey as hell. Why do they always want to camp this stuff up?
Saturday was hot and sunny for the most part and we went to the Irish Summerfest, now in it's new home in Lake County. Good Irish music, but Betsy was not feeling well. Saw the Fergie and the Bog Dogs, The New Barleycorn and a good deal of Cahal Dunne's set.
Sunday was just a shopping day and while at Wal-Mart (yes, I too am forced to shop there) I had a major case of diarrhea.
So home again and watching "The Twilight Zone" reruns on the Sci-Fi channel. We also caught the Fourth of July special of "A Prairie Home Companion at Tanglewood". The diarrhea hit again about 0130 and I thought it was over.
Monday was nutz! I had a few clients of my own and some of the nurse out sick. J was off as well as my boss and two other people who have the Central Pharmacy Stamp. Great and even with the master key I couldn't find the stamps in either of the two offices I checked in. Of course It didn't help that the power went out and I was hunting in the dark. I did have my own flashlight-Be Prepared! All of this while coping with the diarrhea. I do keep Imodium at work which helped, after 3 tabs.
So lights were off for a bit over an hour, I found I could go up and down stairs slowly-as I had explained to Betsy over the weekend, we come upstairs to bed. And with the elevators out it was one flight at a time. Pharmacy never did deliver anything.
By the time the lights were back on, and a couple of more clients had come in, one who's meds I could not find and I had set up an appointment with a lawyer (Yuk!) I was useless for the rest of the day. I could not focus on any one thing.
Betsy meanwhile had a mammogram and, in the only good news of the day , they found nothing. D/t her past cancer they had a radiologist read it right away.
So that's the news from Lake Woebegone and I think I'll scout up a piece of Bebop- a -Rebop Rhubarb Pie now.


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