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Friday, April 21, 2006

Chateau Lalinde

While searching blogs for mention of Spencer, I ran across the blog run by "Red Shoes", the chatelaine of Chateau Lalinde in Lalinde, France. As she was nice enough to include my comment in a postscript, and as the chateau looks like a wonderful place to visit in France, I thought I would return the favor. Do go to her site and have a look about. I would love to visit France again, and this seems to be a great place to explore from



Blogger Red Shoes said...

Isn't blogging just the most amazing phenomenon! It provides a myriad of opportunites for communication -- communication in every sense of the word, right around the globe. (I wrote a couple of articles on blogging and writing for blogs -- http://chateaulalinde.blogspot.com if you are interested to learn more about it -- go see!) . Well done on your blog Roger -- and good luck with it -- may it provide much alchemaic pleasure! And lovely 'meeting' you too! I visited your part of the world last year, and who knows, may get there again! --
Red Shoes

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