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Sunday, September 24, 2006

News From The Kindle and Other Catsup

I had a chance to see "Little Windows" a duo of old time/tradional Irish musicians, Julee Glaub and Mark Weems. Really a great venue for a concert in St. Peter's Epicopal Church Lakewood. The have a great blend of voices that make for excellent harmony and the acostics were great. They are playing in Hudson OH tomorrow night, if we have anyone on here that lives near there. http://www.littlewindows.net/index.html They had their first CD as a duo called "Just Beyond Me" which I purchased. They have been active in the genre for a long time as seperate preformers, and in Mark's case as a member of other groups as well. Betsy and I truly enjoyed their style and charm.Friday night we got a chance to see the last hour and a half of "What the Bleep Do We Know? Down the Rabbit Hole" http://www.whatthebleep.com/whatthebleep/ It was being shown at Betsy's church as part of their Spiritual Cinema Circle. I like/understand it better than Betsy. It deals with quantam physics and spirituality. Did I ever mention I got to see the Leonard Cohen tribute movie "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man" ? This was at the end of last month. Great movie, clouded only by my emotional state of losing little Noir.Which brings me to the boykins. Wow are they growing! We can now easily tell them apart. And both Difflewuz and Johnny like miss Lindy. But the sparks fly. Imagine 8 year old boys teasing a 30 year old woman. It's Cushion and Gwen all over only times two.


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