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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why we have a Spencer Tunick Forum

This noon while listening to an arts program, I heard Jill Snyder, the director of MOCA Cleveland, the museum that sponsored the Cleveland installation.
She was talking about the new MOCA being designed and its function and purpose, and made the statement that when museumgoers were surveyed about going to museums; they responded that it was a social occasion. They went to share art with others.

I got to thinking about our group and realized that this is also one of our functions. We share art, and our experiences of art, and being art with others. And we provide a place to share with people who have at least somewhat like-minded appreciation of Spencer’s works and other contemporary artists that have similar works. Oddly enough I had begun the photo album of exhibits before I heard this but I think that this in part was what I had in mind. The next best thing to being in a Spencer installation is reading the participants accounts of the shoot, and seeing the photos. The next best thing to being able to travel to the Baltic, or to Lyon, or Iceland for an exhibit is to see the photos from the exhibit and read the accounts of those exhibits.


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