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Monday, April 03, 2006

Double Feature

We saw two movies Saturday. We ran errands first; we took Alice for her E-check. She passed and we got her her new stickers. Then off to the drugstore. Then home briefly and away to see "Eight Below". But as we went I remembered we also wanted to see the sneak preview of "Take The Lead".We had seen the documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom" and "Take the Lead" seemed related to it. Little did we know. The first movie was simple but intense. If you love dogs you should like this movie. The story of a team of 8 sled dogs left alone in the Antarctic. The second movie ws the story of Pierre Dulaine, the man responsible in a way for "Mad Hot Ballroom" Also a simple feelgood movie, but well acted with good editing. Predictable, yes. But good. The dancing was terrific, and Betsy would watch damn near anything with Antonio Banderas.


The stories had one thing in common. Both were loosely based on real life events.


Blogger LUIS AMÉZAGA said...

Hello Roger, my countryman Antonio Banderas likes a lot the women without embracing them, so dancing should be an insanity. A greeting for you and your family from Spain. Luis

1:13 AM  

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