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Sunday, July 15, 2007


Let's go back a month. June 15th. Betsy was in Hamilton OH, having gone down on Thursday by bus, Betsy and I getting up very early to get her to the station.. Our bankruptcy also became "final" that day. Her plan was to be there till Monday and take the bus back, spending Father's Day with her family. I had no plans as such, but I did wear my "Father of Small Beasts" button to work. On Sunday morning Betsy called to say her father was ill and had to go to the ER. As things worked out he was admitted for what turned out to an infectious arthritis of his knee that had been replaced. Betsy spent a week there at home taking care of her mom, while he recovered. During that week, I worked and really did little else but read. On Tuesday the 19th I did see a preview of a fantastically funny movie. thanks to Betsy's movie club. It was "Death At A Funeral" due out in August. On Sunday I "won" tickets from "Uncle Fred's Visiting The Folks" on WJCU, to a concert for the next Tuesday, the 26th. Lindy came back that week,the evening of the 21st. Betsy came home on the 24th and we were in a pretty happy mood. Betsy went back to work on Monday, as did I. Betsy went to her swimming/exercise on Monday evening. On Tuesday she went to Toastmasters, and then we went to Cain Park, the Alma Theater for the concert by "Kassaba" a percussion jazz quartet that was very good. Wednesday we went to CiCi's for pizza-a trip to Streetsboro. Thursday the 28th we split up, Betsy going for her swim/exercise again and I went to the University Heights lawn concert featuring the Joe DeJarnette Quintet, a jazz band. Betsy was a bit late in picking me up, having lost her way a bit, but all was well. Friday the 29 th of June we went to the "Dive-In" put on by the Cleveland Metroparks. Betsy swam, I floated, we had a good time watching "Over The Hedge " again, and seeing a wonderful sunset and watching the moon rise. It was cold getting out of the water!. I got a bit lost on the way home, and we came in a little after 12 MN. The boys were out, as was Tippy and Thorissa. Johnny came in, Diffy ran and hid. We went to bed. Sometime that night/morning Diffy was hit and killed. We found him that afternoon. The next few days we were a mess. Adding to our distress was our new heath insurance kicking in on the 1st. Betsy and I are after 21 years Kaiser again. ( A bit of minor bitching- in the last three months-April, May and June- my company moved a couple of blocks, changed it's name and changed our insurance. I could have gotten a new job done all that and might have a bit of a raise.) The 4th of July we spent quietly, Betsy packing for camp. Thursday, the 5th I drove Betsy to camp after work. I did nothing but read and stay in over the weekend. It was too hot and I was too depressed. Johnny has been extra lonely and needy since, and spent most of Saturday in with me. I went out to camp on Sunday the 8th and picked up Betsy. We went for a brief look at the Mesopotamia Ox Roast, Antique and Flea Market after we left camp. But it was too hot to enjoy much, and while I did have an excellent roast beef sandwich and spilled some iced tea we spent only a bit over an hour there. It was interesting to see the Amish, the bikers, the farmers and others all drifting among the tents, looking at the goods laid out. Also on the way out to camp I had heard a song I had never heard before, called "The Mesopotamians" by They Might Be Giants a group named after one of my favorite movies. A bit of synchronicity there.
That Monday Betsy went to exercise. Tuesday was Toastmasters again. Wednesday we had some storms and rain and after it was beautiful We went down to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for a free concert by "Pitch the Peat" an Irish folk band. The weather was perfect.
Thursday we went to a ParkWorks Event, a "Movie on Mall " in downtown Cleveland. It was "Talladega Nights" and Betsy and I gave it a one star, though we did get a couple of laughs and the weather again was perfect. The ParkWorks folks even provided free popcorn, pop and candy. A nice view of the lake to our West, and the city on three sides, looming and lit as the night darkened. A very nice night.
Friday the Thirteenth was mostly Ok except for me and keys. I left my office key at home, and at then end of the day left my car keys in my desk-in my then locked again office. Rob was nice enough to take me to Betsy and then back to our parking lot here we used Betsy's
keys to drive to Chipoltle where we ate on the patio and then went home. Yesterday we had a few plans , but lost them in a muddle of fuzzy moods, eating too late, and a headache. But we salvaged the day with a late night trip to the movies where we saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". We liked it, Betsy more than I, I think, but then she is the bigger fan of Harry Potter. And so here we are. Betsy was late for church in that she couldn't find her keys. I'd had them last night but they fell out of my pocket, so she went to swim early instead of after. I have read a bit of the paper,and now I'm up to date on the blog. We have two new preview tickets form the club, and i have one free ticket to a movie from the Regal Crown Club, of Regal Cinemas,which I got last night .
And I just found today is National Ice Cream Day.
And Todd has a concert later today.


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